Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians working to remove barriers between audiences and performers.

About Astraios

Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians committed to the development of the interaction between musicians and audience members as a way of enhancing creativity and the entire musical experience.


At Astraios concerts, our goal is to make the audience a part of the performance! Join us for Q&A with the musicians, demonstrations on how to listen to a new piece of music, the chance to try out instruments and more…


We need your help! Please join in helping us fulfill our mission of educating audiences and musicians alike! Your support will enable us to bring our programs of education, interaction, and performance to new audiences.


Gruca-White Ensemble in Texas

November 24, 2014

Bob Gruca and Linda White gave a stellar performance here in Texas on November 15th.  They kicked off our 2014-2015 season with a packed house at the Frisco Discovery Center.  Mixing standard classical music with popular favorites from Chick Corea and Van Morrison, they also led the audience through works improvised on the spot.  Linda led the audience through a favorite activity that had each section singing a simple melody.  Building on a simple bass line, the audience layered more and more melodies on top while Bob and Linda improvised around that framework.  The audience was quite pleased they could hold up their end of the concert!

On November 14, the Gruca-White Ensemble also performed at Taylor Elementary School for 100 third graders.  The musicians performed a few pieces for the students, but also taught the students how to listen to a new piece of music.  The students particularly loved using hand motions to identify a new sound.  When Bob did a huge pitch bend on guitar, the kids did “the wave.”  When Linda fluttertongued, the students showed off their jazz hands.  (You can see a short clip of this by visiting our Facebook page.)

Some people asked about Bob’s hands, so he willingly showed us how he maintains his nails to pluck the strings of a classical guitar.  


Colorado Decision

November 23, 2014

It is with great regret that I announce the closing of our Colorado concert series.

Astraios was founded in November 2007 with the support of many wonderful individuals who fed, housed, and funded us so the musicians from across the country could come together for weeks of musical development.  You have been the backbone of our organization, allowing us the time and space to test new musical ideas and try new artistic dreams.  Astraios has grown exponentially since our first concert in June 2008, expanding our musician roster to over 20 musicians, performing in 5 states, and creating 19 new programs.

The Abbey of St. Walburga is no longer interested in hosting our programs, and we simply cannot continue our Colorado series without their support.  The financial costs of bringing together musicians to rehearse and perform for a week is quite large, and we have decided instead to focus our attention on our Texas series.  Many of our musicians are located here, which will significantly cut costs; in addition, as Texas residents, we are eligible for more local and state funding than we would ever be able to receive in Colorado.

Like all artists, I wish that money did not have to be a concern and that we could perform whenever and wherever we wished.  However, to ensure the future


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