Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians working to remove barriers between audiences and performers.

About Astraios

Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians committed to the development of the interaction between musicians and audience members as a way of enhancing creativity and the entire musical experience.


At Astraios concerts, our goal is to make the audience a part of the performance! Join us for Q&A with the musicians, demonstrations on how to listen to a new piece of music, the chance to try out instruments and more…


We need your help! Please join in helping us fulfill our mission of educating audiences and musicians alike! Your support will enable us to bring our programs of education, interaction, and performance to new audiences.


Robert Gruca

October 26, 2014

Astraios is very excited to present the Gruca-White Ensemble on November 15th.  Last month, we profiled Linda White; now meet the other half of the duo, Robert Gruca.
“My inspiration to learn classical guitar came when I heard a recital while in high school,” Bob says.   “I didn’t know what classical guitar was exactly until I heard that recital.  I found a teacher and never looked back.  I’m continually inspired by great concert players and recordings.”
For those of you who have never heard of a classical guitar, never fear!  Many people don’t know that “guitar” means anything other than what you might hear in folk or country music.  But Bob explains for you here:   “The classical guitar has a different body shape than a steel string acoustic. The acoustic (steel string) goes for more resonance and volume.  So the tension of the strings is greater and that’s why the body is a bit different with different bracing inside.  The neck is a bit shorter on a classical but wider than steel strings.  The strings used on classical are nylon vs. steel.  Acoustic steel strings can be played fingerstyle as well as with a pic or plectrum.  The wider neck on a classical is for the right hand since we play more than one voice often and need clarity between

Meet Linda White!

September 22, 2014

Linda White will be coming to Texas to help open our 2014-2015 concert series.  Along with classical guitarist Robert Gruca, the two form The Gruca-White Ensemble.  This duo offers an entirely new concert experience by alternating standard flute and guitar repertoire, their own arrangements of Latin, jazz, and rock tunes, and short improvised jams.

Linda was Ruth Ann’s flute teacher in the ’90s and has become a trusted mentor and friend.  (Note:  It’s a great feeling to be able to hire your former teacher!)  She and Bob are currently artists-in-residence at The Music Settlement, a nationally-respected music school in Cleveland, Ohio.  She performs constantly, maintains a private flute studio, leads a flute choir and directs a chamber music program for adult amateurs.  ”I work with a huge variety of ages, levels, and interests in my teaching,” Linda says,  ”but the goal is always to get the technical basics to a level where we can talk about the musical aspects of a piece rather than the technical ones.  This even applies to beginners who are playing very simple pieces.   I play with them a lot (either on flute or piano) so they get used to listening to how the whole piece fits together, which gives them a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, music in general.  It helps them learn how


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