Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians working to remove barriers between audiences and performers.

About Astraios

Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians committed to the development of the interaction between musicians and audience members as a way of enhancing creativity and the entire musical experience.


At Astraios concerts, our goal is to make the audience a part of the performance! Join us for Q&A with the musicians, demonstrations on how to listen to a new piece of music, the chance to try out instruments and more…


We need your help! Please join in helping us fulfill our mission of educating audiences and musicians alike! Your support will enable us to bring our programs of education, interaction, and performance to new audiences.


How Astraios runs a gala

February 20, 2015

At Astraios events, we like to remind people that chamber music began with friends and family gathering together to play music in their homes, in a relaxed and fun environment.  That’s why we run the concerts the way we do–groups of musicians who have known each other for years and are actually friends, and in intimate spaces where we invite the audience to join in.

So it should be no surprise that we will run our Gala Concert a little differently, too.  Yes, it is a fundraising event, and yes, it will be black tie optional.  But that’s about where the similarities to your usual gala will end!  Instead of having short entertainment or simply background music, guests will get a full concert.  Michael Jones has programmed an evening that focuses on music from the founding of the city of Frisco through today.  There will be classical works, but also some jazz and popular tunes.  We have also commissioned a brand-new work by local composer David Horace Davies that will be premiered that evening!  And we have a wide range of your favorite Astraios musicians–Ruth Ann Ritchie and Emily McKay, flutes; Natasha Merchant, oboe; Jeremy Reynolds, clarinet; Michael Jones, bassoon; Claudia Jones, violin; Eric Jones, viola; Daniel Kelly, trumpet; and Brian Zator, percussion–and, of course, hosted by Christopher Curtis.




January 31, 2015

As always, we are astounded by the creativity of our audiences!  Saturday’s performance by the Orsi Trio focused on structure in musical compositions, and the audience was given a chance to build with PlayDoh.  What fantastic things were created!

photo 1









photo 5










photo 4









Thanks to a grant by the Frisco Arts Council, Astraios musicians also performed for 650 children at Taylor Elementary School on January 27th.  Michael Jones arranged 6 pieces about animals that featured violin, viola, flute, bassoon, trumpet and percussion.  The K-2 group was most excited about the viola, while grades 3-5 were fascinated by the bassoon.






















We have a trio performance at the Frisco Senior Center on February 19th, then the Bel Air Brass will perform on February 28th at the Frisco Discovery Center.  We’re staying busy!


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