Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians working to remove barriers between audiences and performers.

About Astraios

Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians committed to the development of the interaction between musicians and audience members as a way of enhancing creativity and the entire musical experience.


At Astraios concerts, our goal is to make the audience a part of the performance! Join us for Q&A with the musicians, demonstrations on how to listen to a new piece of music, the chance to try out instruments and more…


We need your help! Please join in helping us fulfill our mission of educating audiences and musicians alike! Your support will enable us to bring our programs of education, interaction, and performance to new audiences.


Percussion Showcase

April 15, 2014

We were thrilled with how our 2013-2014 Texas concert season ended!  Percussionist Brian Zator gave wonderful performances on solo marimba.  He was also joined by trumpeter Daniel Kelly for works that featured a variety of instruments (including vibraphone, snare drum, tambourine, woodblock and triangle).

Everyone was fascinated by how all the percussion equipment worked (not least, those of us here at Astraios–percussionists are a little-understood people!).  Brian taught the audience how to hold marimba mallets, gave demonstrations on the different kinds of mallets he used, and explained the different techniques he uses on each instrument.  After the concert, the audience was given a chance to try their hand at a variety of percussion equipment themselves.  (Everyone agrees that the crash cymbals were the most fun!)

One of the most fascinating things about watching a percussionist is how they handle and move all their equipment.  We had a large group of people who wanted to help, but being untrained, we mostly stood around and watched the experts.


We were also the lucky recipients of a matching campaign at this concert. An anonymous donor agreed to double funds given at the concert, so with the matching funds, we raised over $800 in donations!  Thank you for your generosity!

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for clips from this latest


Astraios is on YouTube!

March 2, 2014

Astraios is on YouTube!  Click here to visit our new channel and watch a behind-the-scenes video of The August Winds.  Be sure to check back often for new concert videos, too.


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