Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians working to remove barriers between audiences and performers.

About Astraios

Astraios is a national network of chamber musicians committed to the development of the interaction between musicians and audience members as a way of enhancing creativity and the entire musical experience.


At Astraios concerts, our goal is to make the audience a part of the performance! Join us for Q&A with the musicians, demonstrations on how to listen to a new piece of music, the chance to try out instruments and more…


We need your help! Please join in helping us fulfill our mission of educating audiences and musicians alike! Your support will enable us to bring our programs of education, interaction, and performance to new audiences.


2015 Astraios Gala Concert

April 25, 2015

Tired but happy!  That’s the best way to describe things at Astraios HQ after two successful concerts this month.  On April 3rd, the Bel Air Brass was finally able to perform their program that had been iced out in February.  They presented works that covered everything from Renaissance fanfares to Dixieland jazz, and talked about the construction of brass instruments.  Using instruments known as “hosaphones” (garden hoses attached to funnels) the musicians demonstrated how long each of the four instruments actually are.  Jimmy Clark brought a trombone whose slide had been straightened (called the Texas Long Horn, of course!) and Jeff Baker demonstrated a cimbasso–a strange cross breed between a tuba and a trombone.  You can see clips from this concert by visiting our YouTube page here.

The dust had barely settled from the brass concert before we were turning all our focus to our first ever gala concert.  Our hope was to create a completely unique event–like all Astraios concerts!–that proved that elegant events can still be informal and fun.  We held it at the Frisco Heritage Museum, which not only hosts memorabilia from the founding of the city of Frisco, but is also the temporary home of the Museum of the American Railroad.  Guests were free to wander the museum, eat dinner, chat with other guests,



March 22, 2015

Due to an ice storm on February 28, we have had to reschedule the Bel Air Brass performance for

Friday, April 3, 2015, at 7pm at the Frisco Discovery Center.  

Being from the north (I grew up in Cleveland), I still have a hard time adjusting to Dallas ice storms.  I always think that 1-3″ of ice should be the same thing as 1-3″ of snow…but it’s really not!  If you’re not in Dallas, here’s a quick picture to give you an idea of what we were up against:  













Pretty, no?  Given that two members of the quintet couldn’t make it out of their driveways, postponing was our best option!  We hope to see you on April 3rd.


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