About Astraios

Astraios produces world-class chamber music concerts built around innovative and engaging audience interaction.  


Our vision is an ever-expanding base of audiences who recognize, enjoy, and inspire great performances of classical music. 

We promote:
-High standards of performance and artistic integrity
-Development of the newest ideas in chamber music programming
-Quality and cohesive audience activities
-Responsiveness to our audience’s reactions and ideas
-Accessible experiences for music lovers at all levels
-A relaxed, engaging and welcoming environment
-Ongoing development of teaching artists

In Greek mythology, Astraios (Uh-stry’-ohs) was the father of the four winds.  His name translates to “dawn of the stars.”
Audiences are given a chance to "draw what they hear" and compare results after the concert.

Audiences are given a chance to “draw what they hear” and compare results after the concert.

An audience member gets the chance to play the triangle with Astraios.

Here’s what some of our previous audiences have said about Astraios concerts:

“As a non-musician (but avid listener) this was a most enriching experience. The personal contact added so much to the enjoyment. Any information was appreciated and added to my understanding. Absolutely exquisite!”

“I think this would appeal to many audiences, both non-musicians and musicians.”

“I am absolutely swept away by the beauty and perfection of your performance!  I love the way you also educate the audience.  Thank you for a marvelous afternoon!”

“I will never listen to music in the same way!”

“Accessible, responsive, informative and enthusiastic.

“I appreciated the time of conversation with the musicians.”

“Wonderfully enjoyable–informative setting with personal performers and a good selection of music.”

“I love the concept of a story with the music–it adds so much.”

“Presenter talked to us, not at us.  I felt an increased understanding of the intent of the music.”

“For their size (three people) they sounded like an entire orchestra!”

“The musicians engaged me directly, reminding me that I am part of the performance.”


Astraios Chamber Music is a proud member of:    

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As a National Guild member, Astraios Chamber Music is committed to ensuring all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential.


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