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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 23:31

Just how do you move a harp?

Harp profile

After our December concert presenting the New Houston Harp Ensemble, we had multiple questions about just how harpists move a harp.

Yes, harpists must drive special harp cars (SUVs and minivans preferred--harpists have been known to take their instruments to a car dealership to test for space) and the harp has a special padded cover. The harp is carefully pulled from the van and gently lifted onto a small trolley.

Emily pulling harp from car

Danielle cart

Susanna cart

Once on the cart the harp can easily be wheeled on stage.

Harps in covers

Once the cover is removed and the harp is placed back on solid floor, the tuning can begin!

Kimberly tuning

Concert grand harps only weight about 80 pounds--the column is hollow to allow room for the 2,000 moving parts. But since it is fairly lightweight, harps can go anywhere! (Thanks to Louisa Woodson, another Astraios harpist, for the racetrack photo!)

Harp on racetrack


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