Astraios commissioned Fast Track by David Horace Davies, in celebration of our first-ever Gala Concert.  In the program notes, Davies writes

“The inspiration behind Fast Track is the North Texas city of Frisco.  Like many communities across the United States, Frisco’s history and development is inextricably tied to the railroad.  Indeed, even the name ‘Frisco’ is drawn from the name of the rail line on which the community was founded.  While most railroad communities have seen more ‘bust’ than ‘boom’ over the past century, Frisco has developed into a mini-metropolis and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  The name Fast Track is a tribute to both the speed at which Frisco has developed, and the tracks to which it owes its origins.

While not intended to be programmatic, the first third of the piece invokes the wide-open prairies of the American west.  Through use of repeating rhythmic cells and textural layers, the texture gradually develops in a bustling, rhythmic groove.”

Commissioned by Astraios Chamber Music for their 2015 Gala Concert
Claudia Jones, Violin ~ Eric Jones, Viola ~ Ruth Ann Ritchie & Emily McKay, Flutes ~
Natasha Merchant, Oboe ~ Jeremy Reynolds, Clarinet ~ Michael Jones, Bassoon ~
Daniel Kelly, Trumpet ~ Brian Zator, Percussion

Click below to listen:

 World Premiere Performance of Fast Track


The world premiere performance of Fast Track, April 11, 2015, at the Frisco Heritage Museum.


Other samples from the Colorado Public Radio Performance Studios (Martin Skavish, engineer):

Respighi's The Nightingale
(The August Winds:  Ruth Ann Ritchie, Flute; Natasha Merchant, Oboe;
Marianne Shifrin, Clarinet; Michael Jones, Bassoon; Jonathan Kuhns, Horn)

From Muczynski's Fragments for wind trio
     I. Waltz

     V. Exit
(Ruth Ann Ritchie, Marianne Shifrin, Michael Jones)


Schubert's Der Erlkonig (arr. Michael Jones)
The Cirrus Quartet: Ruth Ann Ritchie, Flute; Claudia Orsi Jones, Violin;
Eric Jones, Viola; Michael Jones, Bassoon)


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